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Teddy’s Song

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“With every baby God sends a loaf of bread”
~ Irish saying


And with that bread I believe there’s a song to be written down and sung for the new baby. The word name means “nature of” and I am always inspired by what babies are named. I also believe their name gets whispered into the family’s spiritual ear by a Guardian Angel. 

That’s why I am honored to write songs that help families celebrate the arrival of a new baby – a personalized lullaby is a gift they can cherish throughout their lives. 

There are also plenty of other moments worthy of a personalized song to help us honor, celebrate or remember those dear to us. 

If you are looking for a unique way to honor someone you love, consider sending them their own song.


Personalized songs are a great way to: 

  • Welcome babies

  • Honor milestones (graduations, birthdays, achievements, retirements)

  • Celebrate engagements, marriages, anniversaries

  • Sing loved ones to the path after they’ve made their transition. 

I guess you could say I sing the soul in and I sing the soul home.

There is another reason to send someone a song. In these times when it can be difficult to see those we love in person, no reason at all might be the best reason of all to send a gift they can enjoy and cherish, while thinking of you. 


“During long nights rocking our baby to sleep, Megon's sweet song was a source of calm and light. We are so grateful for this gift, which has become a family treasure, and can't wait for more babies to join the family so we can welcome them with more of Meg's music.”

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