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“It’s been said that the longest journey we take is the one from our head to our heart.”

Certainly now, more than ever before, the world is faced with challenges that call for steady, calm minds and hearts full of compassion and courage. 
My name is Megon McDonough.

I am a Certified Recovery Specialist,
Licensed Spiritual Counselor
and Interventionist 

Megon McDonough 
Dragon & Dove Coaching
Creative Empowerment Coach
Certified Recovery Specialist 
Licensed Spiritual Counselor
NAADAC member

Welcome to Dragon and Dove Coaching.


I have been a Licensed Spiritual Director through Religious Science since 2008, and I have worked with people in recovery helping them find their voice, reclaim their creative lives, and financial lives, and heal their relationships with themselves and others since 1984.


We will focus on what I call the Divine Intersection – the voice. It is your power center, the midway point between your head and heart, physically and metaphorically. When you find your voice, you find your power.


I work with clients to find the balance between their “dragon” and their “dove.” I believe we need the energy of both. Too much dragon energy and you’ll burn out quickly, and possibly take those close to you with you. Too much dove and you could be lost in uncertainty, vagueness, and giving your power away to someone else’s dragon! Balance. That’s the goal.


If you are looking to go to the next level in your life, spiritual practice, business/career, relationships, financial order, and especially your creative purpose, I would be honored to work with you.


My strength is helping you find yours.

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