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Please copy and paste, and provide answers for this info on the CONTACT page.

  • Title of Project:

  • Nature of Project (e.g., film, TV, Ad, videogame, website):

  • Name, Address & Phone of Production/Licensing Company:

  • Name of Musical Work, including movement #, if applicable:

  • Name of Composer of Musical Work(s):

  • Nature of the Usage (e.g., background instrumental, visual vocal, end title):

  • Duration of the Usage (e.g., 17 seconds):

  • Territory to be licensed (e.g., US only, the World):

  • Duration of license and Airdate of Project (e.g., life of copyright, 5 years)

  • Rights to be licensed (e.g., all rights buyout, home video only, film festival)

  • Brief Description of the story of the overall Project:

  • Brief Description of the scene containing the Musical Work to be licensed (e.g., action film and work used in car chase scene) and whether there is graphic sex or violence involved):

  • Rights Options, if any (e.g., broader usage, longer duration):​

If you would like to license one of Megon's songs for your project, please print out this page, fill out the questions below and submit.

All McCree
Musical Concepts, Inc.
Nashville, TN
Phone: 615-460-7000
Fax: 615-460-7022

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