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“It’s been said that the longest journey we take is the one from our head to our heart.”

Certainly now, more than ever before, the world is faced with challenges that call for steady, calm minds and hearts full of compassion and courage. 
My name is Megon McDonough.

I am a Certified Recovery Specialist, Licensed Spiritual Counselor and Interventionist 

I am bringing 40+ years in 12-step recovery, and as a spiritual counselor, musician, and music minister along with my passion for helping others to the recovery field. I help people add a spiritual solution to their holistic treatment. I also believe in the power of educating communities about the tremendous scientific and psychiatric breakthroughs that are being made every day.  

A global pandemic, racial unrest, political tyranny, the attack on America’s Capitol, Russia’s war on Ukraine and the world, and childhood suicide rising, make it clear, that we must find our inner dragon of courage, strength, and wisdom and the dove of peace and release from everything that holds us back, and separates us from our divine connection, because we are out of time for anything but Love.

Megon McDonough, CRS~ AI Intern~ RScP

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